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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Fontana Rossa - 500 ml

EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Fontana Rossa - 500 ml

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Ferrara Fontana Rosa extra virgin olive oil. Limpid, intense golden yellow with delicate green hues. The bouquet is ample and enveloping, with vegetable hints of artichoke and chicory, together with aromatic notes of mint, parsley and sage. The mouthfeel is elegant and complex, with tones of field lettuce and nuances of black pepper and almond. Bitterness and spiciness are present and harmonic.

Ideal on artichoke starters, perch salads, marinated sea bream, vegetables au gratin, barley soups, first courses with salmon, stewed shellfish, roast fish, baked rabbit, grilled poultry, fresh spun curd cheeses.
For dressing cold and hot dishes with a medium structure. For brief cooking periods at a high temperature.
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