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GIGLI IGP La Fabrica della Pasta Di Gragnano 500 g

GIGLI IGP La Fabrica della Pasta Di Gragnano 500 g

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Pasta di Gragnano PGI is bronze-drawn, according to strictly traditional methods. . In particular, the basic ingredients for the production of this pasta are durum wheat semolina and water. The bronze drawing is carried out after the dough is prepared and consists in letting the latter pass through a bronze drawing machine – a perforated mould or matrix. The material the die is made from has a great influence on the colour and the roughness and porosity of the surface of the pasta. For this reason, bronze drawing is considered a guarantee of quality.

After the bronze-drawing process, a series of rotating knives cut the pasta depending on the desired shape and length. The pasta is then slowly dried following the tradition of Gragnano. This process results in an elastic pasta that doesn’t fall apart during cooking. 

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