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TUSCANY WILDBOR Pasta Sauce / Homemade - Frozen item

TUSCANY WILDBOR Pasta Sauce / Homemade - Frozen item

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425 gr 2/3 Portions

Gluten Friendly

This dish pairs best with a red wine with a lot of personality, such as Barolo, aged Super Tuscan, Amarone, Shiraz or a Bordeaux style

The soft, richness of the wine balance beautifully with the meat, complementing the earthy and rustic notes

Wildbor - Onion - Wine - Parsley - Garlic - Onion - Nutmeg
Cinnamon - Cloves - olive oil - Black pepper - Salt

Place the sauce in a pan, cook low heat until hot if you prefer add 300 gr Heavy cream and cook until the sauce get dense. Drop the cooked pasta in the pan
with the sauce and stir for 30 second or until the
sauce will stick at the pasta

Rest 3 minutes and serve

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